Salva is primarily being maintained and developed by Dimforge, and welcomes contributions from the community. In this page you will see various ways of getting help and contributing.

Let's talk#

You are encouraged to join us on our Discord server! We are always happy to help, and sometimes a single question there could save you loads of time skimming through the documentation.

Stack Overflow#

Stack Overflow is a popular forum to ask code-level questions or if you're stuck with a specific error. Read through the existing questions tagged with salva or ask your own!

Working on this website#

You can contribute to this website by completing, improving, and correcting it. Do not hesitate to correct even the smallest, insignificant detail (especially English mistakes, including typography). We love nitpicking! This website is composed of a set of markdown files located on the repository. It is compiled using Docusaurus 2. As explained in the next section, you need to fork, fix, and create a pull request targeting the master branch of the repository to make your contribution ready to integrate into our code base. There are no specific rules, except that all compilable code to generate illustrations must be located on the src folder. Downloadable examples have to be located on the examples directory of the main project repository.

Working on the library#

If you intend to work on the source code of Salva, you should start by forking the repository. Once you are done making modifications to your own copy of Salva, you have to create a pull request targeting the dev branch so that your contribution can be reviewed, commented, and eventually merged.