[][src]Struct salva3d::counters::CollisionDetectionCounters

pub struct CollisionDetectionCounters {
    pub ncontacts: usize,
    pub boundary_update_time: Timer,
    pub grid_insertion_time: Timer,
    pub neighborhood_search_time: Timer,
    pub contact_sorting_time: Timer,

Performance counters related to collision detection.


ncontacts: usize

Number of contacts detected.

boundary_update_time: Timer

Time spent updating the boundary particles.

grid_insertion_time: Timer

Time spent for the broad-phase of the collision detection.

neighborhood_search_time: Timer

Time spent for the narrow-phase of the collision detection.

contact_sorting_time: Timer

Time spent to sort the contacts.


impl CollisionDetectionCounters[src]

pub fn new() -> Self[src]

Creates a new counter initialized to zero.

pub fn enable(&mut self)[src]

Enables all the performance counters for collision detection.

pub fn disable(&mut self)[src]

Disables all the performance counters for collision detection.

pub fn reset(&mut self)[src]

Resets all the counters to zero for collision detection.

Trait Implementations

impl Clone for CollisionDetectionCounters[src]

impl Copy for CollisionDetectionCounters[src]

impl Default for CollisionDetectionCounters[src]

impl Display for CollisionDetectionCounters[src]

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